Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it cost?
Price varies from job to job. It is determined by your house features and what all you want to do. Average prices ranges between $500 - $3000. We can provide you with a free estimate.
Will you hang lights I already own?
No, we guarantee our lighting installs and we are able to provide that guarantee because we use professional grade lights. We provide all installation materials and a timer as well. All of this becomes yours after 3 years. The lights are custom fitted to your home so that you get a very clean install, no bunched up cords or excess lights hanging off the house.
What Decor/lighting options do you offer?
We offer house lights, garland, wreathes, bows, and tree wraps. We can provide other custom requests for an additional fee as well.
How soon will my lights be installed?
That is determined by when you get on our list, which is why it's important to get on there early. For a more precise estimate, please ask our specialist, Bryce Kirkpatrick, about the current installation schedule.
Do you take the lights down after the holidays?
Yes, installation and takedown is included in with your service. We also store the lights for you.
Are estimates free?
Yes! We provide free estimates for all of our services. You can make a request by completing the form above.
How long does it take to get an estimate?
We will have your estimate delivered to you within 1-3 business days of receiving your request. It will be determined by the current volume of requests we are experiencing.
What is the latest date I can request service?
The sign-up cutoff date for 2021 Christmas lighting installation services will be December 10th. Estimates sent prior to the 9th must be accepted by 5pm on the 10th. Estimates sent on December 9th must be accepted no later than the 11th in order to receive service this year.

​Any unaccepted estimates after these dates will be considered void.